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For those of you who are tired of going it alone and not knowing where to begin, you are in the right place! Let's get you back on track!
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#1 best selling author her books have touched the lives of many. They have gotten into the hands of those whose lives have been impacted and changed their lives.
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Darlene Thorne has been speaking for well over 25 years both in the U.S. and Internationally. Her messages teach the listener how to make long lasting changes in their lives as they implement the strategies and life giving words that she delivers.

Meet Our Coach

Darlene Thorne

Best Christian Vision Coach in Clayton

Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and most importantly, a child of the Most High God, Darlene Thorne, MDiv has devoted her life to influence change to women ministry leaders and teach them how to practice positive personal self-care, body, soul, and spirit. She also teaches caregivers how to create a life where they are on the To-Done list! As a Certified Vision Building Coach and Mentor, Darlene also has years of training in communication and ministry counseling.

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There are battles fought on the soil of many countries, battles won and battles lost. But there is not a more difficult battle than the ones that take place on the battlefield of our mind and heart. We struggle with a variety of negative beliefs that bombard us continually. In this book, The Goliath Within, Darlene taps into some of the inner struggles we may face from day to day; fear, rejection, doubt and failure and offers solutions through God’s word that will lead to a great and victorious life.

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For Caregivers

Learn in one course what it took me 14+ years, plus tons of advanced psychology courses, and a whole lot of painful lessons from doing my relationships wrong – to finally get right!
What People Say

T. Francis

Darlene has been a blessing to me, first by going above and beyond to help me and secondly by coaching me; helping me to see the big picture, helping me answer questions that I didn't know should ask..."

D. Hayes

"She is a leader and team player, she's transparent and a people person. She walks in integrity and loyalty. Darlene is dependable and reliable. She is truly an inspiration in my life and in the lives of others."

Frankia Boose

"This book speaks to the heart and soul of anyone looking to break free from, fear, doubt and unbelief. If you are struggling with your identity in Christ, this book is a must read! Minister Darlene has bathed and birthed this book in love!"

Kimberly Hines Winborne

“ I looooove the entire ministry that God has entrusted to Pastor Darlene Thorne! I have been able to partner with her on many occasions in ministry, including her honoring me in her willingness to be a prayer intercessor and teacher for the ministry God has birthed through me called The Praying SheEO. The Refresh, Refill, Renew retreat is so necessary for us to truly take our relationships with God to another level. Pastor Darlene is like a mentor to me! She does so much in the Kingdom of God, and in a POSTURE of pure joy!
Everyone who meets her is blessed! ”

Donielle Davis

“ Darlene Thorne has the heart that is truly after the Father. Her acumen reflects her pursuit for Kingdom and earthly business. She is a woman of great integrity. Her ethical approach in what she does is second to none, and if I needed any need met she’s the one I depend on. Kudos to anything Darlene Thorne has her hand in, because God has His hand on her. ”

Teresa Davis

“ There’s so much I could say about this beautiful woman of God. Having had the opportunity to know her up close and personal I would have to say first that she is one of the absolute sweetest women I know. No matter who you are, you will never be a stranger to her. From the moment she meets you she makes you feel like you are talking to a big sister. She doesn’t see the bad in a person only the good. No matter if they’ve hurt her feelings or not. She will always speak kindly of them. She’s very genuine, nothing fake about her. What you see is what you get…a beautiful smile and a ball of energy. Her love for God and His people is contagious. She makes you want to know God the way she does. Pastor Darlene serves the Body of Christ with the mercy, grace and love with a true pastoral heart. I often thought, she does too much for people and they don’t seem to appreciate it or they are taking advantage of her. If they were or not, she didn’t care. She served them anyway in any way that she could. Pastor Darlene also loves to encourage and push you into the things that you are meant to do. Her faith in God makes you believe that there is nothing too hard for God. So like I said before, there’s so much I could say about her, but to sum I all up, if I could, would be to know Pastor Darlene is to love her. What an Amazing Woman of God.

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Learn in one course what it took me 14+ years, plus tons of advanced psychology courses, and a whole lot of painful lessons from doing my relationships wrong – to finally get right!

Unpack the Greatness you Carry

Whether it’s business, ministry or personal goals that you’re desiring to achieve, look no further. With a Christian Vision coach, you can eliminate those hindrances that are getting you down, create momentum to help you achieve results, set S.M.A.R.T. goals and teach you how to use what God has given to you for His glory. From your first appointment, I will help you to assess where you are and create a workable plan, that when implemented will reveal your greatness and unpack those hidden treasures you carry.

Life Coaching

We agree to meet regularly until we have accomplished our predefined goals or for a maximum of twelve months. At the end of this period of time, we will review this agreement, evaluate our progress, and reach a conclusion. The relationship then will be considered complete. If we choose to continue our mentoring partnership, we may negotiate a basis for continuation, so long as we have stipulated the mutually agreed-on goals.


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